Get Rid of Ants with Cinnamon

Here's a little quick tip to get rid of ants in your house. Unfortunately in an ant's pursuit of a new food source, it will inevitably make its way into your home. Sometimes it's because ants have been successful there already. Sometimes it's just because it happened to randomly wander through a crevis into your house. Whatever the reason, you have ants in your house and you need a quick fool proof way to get rid of them with a common household ingredient you probably already have: cinnamon.

Yes, cinnamon. Ants hate everything about the pleasant spice. Your best bet is to purchase a large container of ground cinnamon as you will want to apply it liberally. When you find an ant, try and trace it back to its source and how it entered your home. Sprinkle cinnamon at the point of entry. If you see ants wandering around your home, sprinkle some cinnamon directly on the ant. If it survives, it will return to its nest with traces of cinnamon and this will deter other ants from trying the same path as it is identified as hostile. If ants are entering your home through your door threshold, apply a long line of the cinnamon along the way, and that should effectively deter them. Any cracks or crevices or small openings that could provide access to your house should be treated with cinnamon.

That's pretty much it. Cinnamon is an effective home remedy to get rid of ants. Use it liberally and use it often and your house should be ant free in no time.